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"Supportive guidance in manifesting 

your goodness and happiness through fulfillment of worthwhile goals."


Ron Singler MD 

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Ron Singler

Certified Physician

Development Coach









Ron Singler MD

I am a compassionate physician, educator, and healthcare leader who brings decades of experience to my coaching practice. I understand the heart of healing in the service to others and the stresses, and sometimes distresses, of such service. I have served as the Medical Director of a multi-specialty group for 23 years and embraced the challenges of the various responsibilities in patient care and leadership. I believe that the essence of both compassion and excellence is caring. My experiences have taught me that personal and professional successes require committed vision, self care, emotional intelligence, synergistic teamwork, appreciation, mentoring, supervision, and direction. 




      I provide a coaching service for medical professionals, administrators, and other leaders seeking excellence and wellness in their professional and personal lives.  Patients too can benefit from coaching to gain mastery over lifestyle related conditions and chronic illnesses. 


      My coaching philosophy derives from my purpose which is “service to others”.  My personal mantra is “how can I help”.  These are threads woven into the fabric of my professional and personal life and the energy I bring to my coaching practice.  Primum non nocere (first do no harm) is often quoted as a 1st principle in the healing professions.  I believe that there is an implicit and deeper principle that precedes it—

“first and always, look for the goodness” 

Coaching is supporting each person as they manifest their goodness and the happiness and fulfillment that flows from it.  Such happiness expands as core values and attitudes are validated through the progressive realization of worthwhile goals.  Coaching is a partnership that explores one’s personal territory of goals and aspirations and a journey that leads to discovery, realization, and accomplishment.  I welcome partners with both minds and hearts engaged to join with them in their personal journey to achieve the goals and successes they desire. 

Focus Areas


  • Personal/professional work/life balance

  • Stress or Distress, moving from flameout to fulfillment

  • Wellness lifestyle

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Disruptive workplace behavior 

  • Synergistic leadership

  • Tribal Culture

  • Change management 

  • Career development

  • Person centered communication

  • 'Twoness' resonance, the power of partnership

  • Executive coaching


Coaching Cornerstones

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  Your committed vision of success is the 1st step in your personal journey. It is both the beginning and the ongoing motivating force that validates your deepest values and leads to actions that fulfill your worthwhile goals.  I partner with you to explore the depths of your values and utilize your special talents and skills. Regarding commitment, partnership, and the immediacy of this now moment, Rabbi Hillel in the first century CE provided this wise guidance: 

"If you are not for yourself, who will be?

If you are only for yourself, who are you?

If not now, when?" 


     Wellness is a resource maintained and replenished by your nourishing attention to yourself and others.  You are your own most precious instrument. Through you goals are accomplished. Maintaining your self, your instrument of change, brings your most capable and best self to every relationship and goal. 

     When life’s stressful changes exceed our coping resources distress occurs.  Chronic distress leads to “burnout” and fulfillment “flameout”. Coaching helps you enhance your wellness lifestyle and discover your unique ways to recover resiliency.  


   Emotions are the energy that informs experience and powers change.  Even our brains depend on the limbic emotional system to imprint memory.  Self awareness of our emotions is a prerequisite to successful self management.  And self awareness in our relationships with others is a prerequisite to successful relationship management.  Fears can block productive action and frustration can alienate precious partners. Coaching helps you deepen your emotional awareness and generate emotionally intelligent actions directed to yourself and others.


  Partnership is a context and a process. It begins with partnering with yourself to manifest your goodness and nourish yourself in a wellness lifestyle.  As you touch other’s lives, you create a relationship of “twoness” and a committed alignment to common goals. Self and relational emotional intelligence are essential to successful partnerships.  As you join with others in the dance of relationship, coaching can help you discover the goodness of shared goals and values. Together you create a culture of empowering partnerships. Coaching is such a partnership. 

Coaching Program


Each coaching partnership is unique and the client’s journey is as varied as their goals.  There is an overarching structure of the coaching process that proceeds through the following steps:

1.     Inquiry

2.     Introduction and operational agreements

3.     Discovery—getting to know you

4.     Coaching plan—goals and strategies

5.     Implementation—action plans

6.     Milestones—tracking progress

7.     Summation

8.     Re-contracting


Usually, 1-3 are accomplished over 2-3 hours in one or two coaching sessions.  For these, face to face is preferred, however, videoconferencing through Zoom or Skype is an option.


Follow-up coaching sessions are scheduled 2 times a month for 4-6 months.  For these, videoconferencing seems to work as well as face to face, convenient to schedules, and has the least impact on our carbon footprint.



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       "I am an academic physician with a variety of responsibilities and professional roles at my organization.  I had the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Ron Singler during a particularly critical period of decision making regarding professional roles.  Ron helped me think through the possible paths with the lens of which opportunity would bring me the most personal joy and professional satisfaction, but also allow me to continue to grow personally and professionally. He listened carefully to my values, motivations, and passions.  As a result, I made a decision that is most aligned with my “ideal self” and which will help me create the best professional and personal future possible.  I am so grateful for his sage guidance as I tackled a difficult decision."

Kathleen Fairfield, MD, MPH, DrPH

  • Associate Chair for Research and Quality, Department of Medicine

  • Co-Director, MITE Academy

  • Maine Medical Center

       "I am a practicing physician involved in various leadership roles during my career. Throughout that time, I have had the great fortune of having Ron as a mentor and coach. He has helped me innumerable times to navigate various challenges and transitions. With the assistance of his wisdom and guidance, I have been able to take actions more authentically aligned with my values and beliefs. As a result, I have become healthier as an individual and in partnership with others both personally and professionally. What makes Ron such an excellent coach is his ability to listen, be present, and give you his fullest attention whenever he is with you. Because he is such an attentive listener, he asks very astute questions that bring key facts and ideas to light, enabling you to identify what next steps will best achieve your particular goals. "

Thomas Patamia, MD, MA

  • Psychiatrist at CHI Franciscan Health

       "I am a Family Physician who practiced nationally and internationally for over 30 years. Following retirement, I did locums tenens work in the most inspiring Family Medicine Center I had ever been in. I ended up being the clinical director. I have known Dr. Ron Singler for over 25 years. I asked for his help because I knew of his commitment to the people in his organization, his integrity in coaching and that he himself has a wellness lifestyle. He cultivated an empowering partnership with me. He listened and was able to hear my perceptions and observations of various organizational and personal dilemmas. He skillfully aided me in defining my roles and responsibilities within the structure and personalities of my teams.  With his guidance I was able to define the work needed for myself and the organization. Then, to carve out of that global domain, the stepwise work that could be realistically and successfully accomplished.  He helped me define how to best leverage my skills and political capital to achieve the goals I committed to.  

In addition to that coaching, he mentored me in specific clinical administrative areas based on his past experiences (e.g. productivity expectations, scheduling, RVU’s, control drug protocols, and observational clinical communications work and agenda setting). I highly recommend Dr. Ron Singler without reservation."

Patricia Boiko, MD

  • Producer, Director Winning Pictures, LLC

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